Cast of Characters

We often write posts without explaining who every one is.  This quick guide will get you up and running and totally caught up!

Dumpling: Not her real name but one she prefers us to use when writing about her.  She’s our oldest daughter (Mike’s daughter from his first marriage).  She’s an amazingly creative 13 year old and puts up with our shenanigans with a lot of grace.

Pistol: Also not her real name, but should be!  She’s our younger daughter, now 12 years old (from Molly’s first marriage).  At home she’s opinionated and mouthy like her Mom.  Out in the world she’s shockingly quiet, pleasant and well mannered.  She’s also a poet but does not know it yet!

Mommy Sha: Molly’s Mom.  She’s parented Molly and her siblings in a typical town in a typical neighborhood in a very untypical manner.  Rock on Mommy Sha!

Nino: Molly’s Dad. Anything Molly was interested in he nurtured and encouraged to the enth degree.  Nothing was too bizarre or crazy to him.  Molly’s parents live within one hour from us and share our love of gardening and chickens.

Michael’s Mom: Yes, her sign-in name is ‘Michael’s Mom’.  You’ll see her comments peppered throughout different posts.  They are always great and she often gives a little glimpse into Michael’s childhood.

Craig & Cat:  Mike’s Dad and Step-mom.  They are now the proud owners of the Blind Chicken.

Heidi (and boyfriend, Allan):  Mike’s sister.  She pushes our building projects forward with a soft but fierce touch.  Both she and Allan are amazing DIYer’s.

 Rick & Cynthia:  Our neighbors and friends.  Rick is the co-founder of the inventor’s club along with Mike.  Rick is building an airplane in his garage, need we say more?  Cynthia thoughtfully writes about her experiences raising their girls at her blog, Growing My Girls.


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