Ocean Deck

While we were visiting family in San Diego over Christmas we did what we typically do when we visit family…build something. ¬†It’s actually quite fun and cheap entertainment for us (not so cheap for the family member buying all the materials ūüėē ). ¬†The weather was absolutely glorious so when Mike’s dad, Grandpa Craig, asked if we would build them a deck we didn’t hesitate to say yes.

Mike:  They live a block from the ocean in a modest house tucked between huge homes.    Their backyard faces the water but the other homes block their view.

Molly:  Yep, Grandma Cat came up with a great idea to see this view:

Ocean view

She wanted us to build an 8’x12′ deck in their backyard so they could sit and look out at the ocean. ¬†After a trip or two to Home Depot we started whipping it out.

Before we got too far we realized two things,

1) We (Mike) had cut the stairs out backwards (a very steep rise and a very short tread).

2) We (Molly) got the height wrong.

We pulled the frame off the wall and took another trip to Home Depot. ¬† Hey, we never said we were perfect…free yes, perfect, not so much ūüėČ

Everyone had a great time and a deck got built.  When we came home we got a real good look at all of our unfinished projects.  Hmm, I think we need to get moving!

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