Coop de Steve

Have you ever thought of having a chicken coop?  Maybe just the coop and not the chickens?  I understand- it keeps it romantic (no poop), clean (again, no poop) and coops are just cool objects.  A little architectural folly for the common man.  I love to see what people come up with to house their chickens.  There is such a variety out there.

Nogg chicken coop

A made to order coop from Nogg

Our friends Steve and Alessandra recently became chicken havers.  They started out as chicken sharers, sharing a flock of egg laying and meat chickens with one of their friends.  The chickens were kept at the friend’s house.  It was a nice entry into the world of backyard chickendry for them.  When the chickens were ready to butcher they loaded them up in a horse trailer, brought them to our house and we showed them how it was done.

Last year they decided to build a coop and raise layer chickens at their house.  They have a great plot of land really close to the plaza (old downtown Santa Fe).  It feels secluded but it’s close to everything.  Alessandra works from home. She’s a tile ceramacist and has a studio next to their house.  Right outside of her studio was a great site to put the coop. It was close to the house but not too close and she could watch them from her studio as she worked.

Steve worked up the plans and used left over materials from building their house.  He put together one of my favorite footprints for a coop.

Framing of the coop

Framing the coop

To keep predators out and to keep the chickens safe at night he covered the flooring with wire.  Over the wire is dirt and bedding.

Wire on the flooring

Wire on the floor

The coop is 60 sq ft (5’x12′) and is home to 15 hens.  The chicken yard is about 10’x12′.

The door is up!

The door is up!

They live in what we lovingly refer to as ‘coyote alley’.  Because they have coyotes regularly coming by it was necessary to fence off an outdoor yard.

Framing the outdoor yard

Framing the outdoor yard

It’s finished!  I love the airy feel this coop has.  You just want to sit down and have a cup of tea and watch the chickens.

Steve and Alessandra also participate in a goat share.  It’s a really great concept for those that don’t want to ‘own’ the animal but want some of the work for some of the benefits, that being goat milk.  If you live in the Santa Fe area and are interested they have a few openings.  Email them at sfgoatcoop at gmail dot com.

Do you have chickens and or a coop you’d like to share? Contact Us so we can share your creation in a future post.

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