Kitchen Budget Breakdown

Your budget is the most important aspect of any remodeling project, calling all the shots from the get-go and often vetoing any frills or perks that aren’t absolute necessities. Before you start making big remodel plans—or even worse, spending money—figure out a kitchen remodeling cost you know you can work with and stick to it. There are a number of mistakes to avoid when remodeling your home, but going over budget is the biggest one. » » »

Organic Vegetable Gardening Tips

Nothing tastes better than a plateful of organic, home-grown vegetables which you have taken the time and effort to grow and nurture yourself. This is why having an allotment is so great; you have the luxury of eating fresh, organic food rather than having to trek down to the store and rummage through a pile of battered and bruised vegetables.

If you love gardening and you much prefer to be outside nurturing your plants and looking at the wildlife on a warm summer’s day, rather than watching the TV indoors or playing some Cheekybingo, then you might be thinking about creating your own vegetable patch in your garden. However, there are a few things you should know about maintaining a healthy allotment and below are just a few tips to help you out.

When owning an allotment, you are bound to get pests like slugs and insects coming to feast on your vegetables. But rather than using slug pellets, why not try a few natural methods? » » »

St. Patrick’s Day and Hot Cocoa

Today we have Eileen from The Joy of Caking joining us.  She’s one of our favorite food bloggers and Molly’s been an avid follower of hers for several years.  (Could it be because she hooked Molly up with the genesis of the greatest Chocolate Chip Cookie eVeR recipe?)  After you read this go and check her out.  She does great stand-bys like her white cake recipe.  When she ventures into cooking she  makes yummy things like asparagus soup.

St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching and I although I’m not sure if I even have an ounce of Irish blood in my body I have always secretly wished I was Irish. » » »

The Calls of Distant Whales

First a quick announcement:  Mike and I will be out at the Santa Fe Farmers market tomorrow (Saturday, October 15th) participating in the Local Food Baking Competition.  The competition runs from 11-12pm at the Farmers Market in the Railyard.  Come out and join us- it’s going to be a blast!

Today Chris from Krusty on Chrissy is our celebrity guest writer.  Chris was a high school honors English teacher but a few years back he quit his gig at the high school and went to work at the city jail….as an English teacher.  He gives us a peek into a world most of us will never ever see through his insightful writing about his experiences teaching prisoners.  His stories are poignant and often funny.  I (Molly) came across this post last week and have been describing it to everyone I’ve had more than a 10 minute conversation with.  I found myself steering the conversation so I could talk about this post.  I came home, emailed Chris and asked if I could publish his post in its entirety on our blog.  He told me absolutely!  Chris recently participated in First Gen American’s Coffee Talk Challenge.  That post was one of his first where he threw the focus on his family.  Go check it out here, it’s about traditional values taught by his fairly un-traditional father.


The stories the guys can select from the web-based program we use to teach them reading are many and varied. They range in topic from NASCAR to Frida Kahlo, from the rise and fall of the Aztecs to the emergence of the hotdog as a popular food in American cuisine. One story in particular often catches their fancy. It’s about whales and the history of whaling in the US. Personally, I love whales, so I always supplement the whaling story with knowledge I’ve acquired » » »

Remembering to Love What I Already Have

Today we have a guest post.  Cynthia is not only a fellow blogger but a neighbor and a friend.  If you haven’t already, check out her fabulous blog called Growing My Girls.  Today’s post explores the emotional side of spending, consuming and finding value in ‘things’.  It’s something Molly is always turning over and rethinking- What are the emotional triggers that push us to consume? 

When school started, I gave myself a never-before luxurious treat: uninterrupted immersion in my closet.

I did it before attacking the girls’ rooms, before touching the piles of laundry or the filthy floors, before looking at my desk, creating menus, or organizing carpools. Just me and my closet.

» » »